What is a Lip Lift?

A lip lift is a custom procedure to create youthful definition and increase natural lip volume. The procedure removes a small strip of skin beneath the nose to reduce the space between the upper lip and the nose. The procedure exposes more of the vermillion inner lip. Many people notice the distance between the nose and upper lip lengthening with age, and others have inherited a longer “philtrum,” the official name for this area of the face. In either case, a lip lift can dramatically enhance facial balance and create a more lovely upper lip — no fillers necessary.

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Make the Most of Your Lip Lift at South Florida Facial Plastic Surgery Why Choose Us?

With the help of a talented facial plastic surgeon, a lip lift is performed with meticulous care. Our facial plastic surgeons are board-certified specialists in facial plastic surgery, committed to achieving exceptional surgical outcomes. We are known for our expertise and natural results and for being warm and approachable. We focus on ensuring our patients feel comfortable, cared for, and supported. We are proud of our reputation for being exceptionally talented facial surgery specialists who create the most natural-looking outcomes.

Why is a Lip Lift So Popular?

Lip lifts are becoming one of the most popular aesthetic procedures for patients of all ages. Some patients want to reduce the distance between the nose and upper lip, while younger patients may want to enhance the upper lip and create a sweet, natural lift.

How Do I Know if a Lip Lift is Right for Me?

Over time, it is natural for the skin to lose its firm, supple condition. You may have tried dermal fillers to resolve thinning lips, but are considering achieving the plump, youthful look that lasts. A few millimeters of skin removed between your upper lip and nose can create a refined but dramatic difference.

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What Are the Benefits of a Lip Lift?

  • Minimally invasive
  • Restores pinkness to the lips
  • Improves shape and elevates the mouth corners
  • No more maintenance with dermal fillers
  • Performed in the surgeon’s office using a local anesthetic
  • Enhances the shape of the upper lip, rather than adding volume
  • Exposes more of your teeth, creating a youthful appearance
  • Scars fade to become virtually invisible

Meet Our Physicians

Jennifer Harb, MDFacial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Jennifer Harb is a talented facial plastic surgeon who focuses on achieving a refreshed, healthy, natural look. Her background and experience have led to her reputation as being among the most accomplished facial plastic surgeons in the area for a custom facelift, eyelid surgery, facelift, and post-Mohs surgery.

Areas of Expertise:

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Jennifer Harb, MD

Kim Patrick Murray, MDRhinoplasty Specialist

Dr. Murray has a personal passion for cosmetic rhinoplasty and brings his extensive surgical experience to nose surgeries of all kinds. He has studied with internationally acclaimed experts in rhinoplasty to gain advanced techniques for functional, reconstructive, and aesthetic nasal surgeries. His breadth of knowledge of the nose structure, inside and out, has been honed to a remarkable level of ability, with highly aesthetic surgical outcomes.

Areas of Expertise:

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Kim Patrick Murray, MD

Jay Young, MDRhinoplasty Specialist

Dr. Jay Young is passionate about the art and science of facial plastic surgery, a world-class rhinoplasty specialist. His artistry, personal care, and precision techniques allow him to achieve a look that is very natural, balanced, and elegant. His breadth of knowledge of facial anatomy, along with an artistic eye for facial harmony are the fundamentals of the remarkable enhancements he achieves every day.

Areas of Expertise:

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Jay Young, MD

Todd Kupferman, MDFacial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Kupferman takes facial plastic surgery to a higher level. His extensive education and experience allow him to perform facial plastic surgeries with exceptional beauty – elegant, refined, and sophisticated. With his help, you can achieve the changes you envision to enhance your natural features and enjoy the confidence of knowing you look incredible.

Areas of Expertise:

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Todd Kupferman, MD

Cristina Vasquez, LMA

Christina delivers a range of advanced medspa treatments, from skin renewing procedures to body sculpting. For a personalized approach, VIP care, and results that enhance your quality of life, she invites you to enjoy a personalized, concierge-style treatment delivered at a world-class European spa.

Areas of Expertise:

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Cristina Vasquez, LMA
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How Should I Prepare for a Lip Lift?

The first thing you should do before any procedure is to choose the right facial plastic surgeon. Are they board-certified? How many procedures have they done, and can they show you the results? Meet with the surgeon in person to have all your questions answered.

At South Florida Facial Plastic Surgery, we take all the time needed to perform the procedure, and we never rush. We are all about quality, not quantity, and our work shows it. We want to deliver the most beautiful results possible.

What is Recovery Like?

Recovery from a lip lift is reasonably easy to experience. As an outpatient procedure performed under local anesthesia, you can expect the process to take only about an hour. You may experience some discomfort after your surgery, but a cold compress and mild pain medication are typically all that are needed to stay comfortable during healing. You will have a bandage covering the surgical site, which will stay in place for 24 hours. You should feel well enough to return to your usual activities within a week to ten days.

How Long will Results Last?

A lip lift produces a long-lasting result. This procedure can achieve a more attractive outcome than dermal fillers, as the increase in lip volume is your own tissue, with no maintenance needed. While no one can halt the aging process, the results will enhance your look for many years.

How Soon Can I See My Results?

After your procedure, you will see a change in upper lip volume immediately. However, due to minor swelling and bruising, the results of the surgery will appear with time. The full beauty of the changes is achieved in three to four months.

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